Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On The 1

While i am on a funkin' roll, i thought i would go to the Godfather, and post a couple of tracks off a CD that was released a few months ago, but was just ripped to Emusic this week. James Brown's "Family Affair". Here is a bit about the CD.

"A rare chapter of James Brown's career -- material recorded for producer Henry Stone in the early 90s -- at a time when James himself was without a major record contract! Most of these tracks were recorded by Stone, but unissued for years -- which is a bit of a surprise, as the overall quality is quite good -- very much in the modern funk mode that Brown was forging back in the 80s! And sure, the work here isn't in the same mode as Brown's classics on King or Polydor, but the sound is still pretty great -- with beats and instrumentation that are relatively modern, but an overall groove that's quite tight and right, and plenty of room for James' incredible vocals in the lead! Most tracks feature Brown as the lead singer, but there's also a few with vocals by Venisha Brown or Yamma Brown -- and one track has James singing a duet with Bobby Byrd!" - Dusty Groove America
Funk On Ahh Roll
I Wanna To Be Loved On The " 1"

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