Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gearin'up with a Tribute

This week on Gearin'up i have a quality tune for you by a french producer named Erik Rug called "Tribute". The title is alluding to a tribute to the old school hip-hop pioneers of the late 70's, early 80's in this disco mix, under some throwback rhyming done by Dynamax of The Zulu Nation.

As we are on the reworking of the old school tip, i thought i was duty bound to throw in "Talking All That Jazz", by Stetsasonic. This track was brilliantly remixed by Dimitri from Paris a few years back, and was a big hit in both the clubs and on his A Night at the Playboy Mansion mix CD(altough i will be posting a slightly different mix).
Tribute (L'Aroye and Ky Remixes/extended disco mix) - Erik Rug feat. Dynamax (of the Zulu Nation

Talkin All That Jazz (Dim's Respect For The Old School) - Stetsasonic

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Cubikarubik said...

Nice one mate-just love that Tribute tune. Gets me every time.
Hadn't heard this Stetsasonic mix by Dimitri. Very Dimitri alright.