Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Approach

When i started this blog a couple of months ago, i decided that i was going to have a certain structure to it, and i created my regular weekly post like Gearin'up and Loungin'. However, due now being a father of three kids under the age of 4, on top of a full time job, i need a way to keep this blog rolling along without it consuming too much of what little time i have. Therefore, i am going to take a more random approach to my blogging. I am sure none of you who visit could care less, as you are here for some good tunes after all. Needless to say, whatever i post, i deem to be quality. And, don't be a freeloader and go out and buy some good music, preferably not from any of the large chains of music stores(use my links). Cheers.

The pictures are in reference to former Australian Labour Prime Minister Paul Keating, comparing current Prime Minister John Howard to Adolf Hitler. Love your work Paul!!!

Here's a few lush housey sounds for you.
Astro Boogie - Phreek Plus One (Compost Black Label #22)

Stealth 1 - Secret Stealth (Ted Rodgers EP)

Discolexia(John Arnold Remix) - Watch TV & The Primates (Discolexia Remixes)

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