Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lougin' with a Soul Investigation

It was not necessarily done by plan that after featuring Jimi Tenor last week that i should now be doing the same to his wife Nicole Willis. However, i had heard a little bit of hype surrounding Willis over a year ago, but never really followed it up until a couple of months ago when i stumbled across Nicole Willis's CD "Soul Makeover"(2000), at a market. I had a couple of listens to it, really couldn't get into it, and forgot about her. But when Emusic released Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigator's "Keep Reachin 'Up"(2005), a couple of weeks ago, i thought i would give her another listen. I am glad i did.

Originally released on Timmion Records, i was blown away by how good this album is. If you are into any kind of 60's soul/RnB sounds, you will really love "Keep Reahin 'Up". You could easily mistake tracks from this album from either of the two major players of US soul/RnB sounds of that era, Motown and Stax. The musicianship by The Soul Investigators is brilliant, and although i don't feel Nicoles voice is one of the most outstanding i have ever heard, she delivers brilliantly here, with her real craft being not to over sing, and just present a perfect blend with her and band.
Needless to say, i highly recommend this album. You can buy it here digitally, or here in copy. It was hard to choose a couple of tracks, due to the quality of them all, but here they are. Enjoy.

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