Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zero 7 - You're My Flame

Zero 7 have been on my radar for a while now. Their stuff is mostly downtempo, so I was salivating at the prospect of Kompakt stalwart Justus Kohncke jumping onboard to remix their tune "Your'e My Flame". The results don't disappoint, with Kohncke imprinting his ever-reliable disco wobble on proceedings.
Tomorrow night at 8-Track, special guest Zok from onesixone drops by as we farewell Jus-G for a month as he returns to his Irish homeland for his yearly fix of stew.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Tracks

Just a couple of new tracks that i am listening to at the moment.

This one is a downtempo number off an Ep release(Realise) by the Part Time Heroes. The girl singing in this reminds me a little of a cross between Beth Orton and Tori Amos.

All This Time - Part Time Heroes

This one comes off Brique Rouge Classics from the Vault Vol 1. I haven't had a good chance to listen to all the tracks, and i never owned any of the Brique Rouge series of releases, but i like this one.

Devotion (Llorca's Extended Remix) - Mambo Urbano Orchestra

Funk from the Lefties

The Lefties Soul Connection describe their sound as "deep funk raw soul" and hail from Amsterdam, NL. After a number of years of releasing some well received 45's, by the likes of Gilles Petersen, the lefties had been building up to their debut LP release "Skimming The Skum". If you dig any of the raw funk bands that are around at the moment, like The Bamboos or The Dap-Kings. You'll love these guys. Here are a couple of cuts from their new album, which you can also purchase here.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Do You Hear That?

Sydney outfit Pnau's much lauded first album Sambanova(1999), was originally pulled from the shelves when it was first released, due to many uncleared samples. I can actually recall seeing an interview of them, and Nick Littlemore(one half of Pnau), urging anyone looking to get started in the world of electronic music, to just sample the shit of everything they could get their hands on.

The title track to their album samples Two Man Sound's "Que Tal America", and does it quite brilliantly as well. Que Tal America can be found on Volume 1. of Joey Negro's excellent "Disco Spectrum" series.
Sambanova - Pnau

Que Tal America - Two Man Sound

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cover Me (The Bottle)

"Don't you think it's a crime the way time after time, people hit the bottle?". Gil Scott Heron first echoed these words on his 1973 album Winter in America. "The Bottle", even with its strong inner city social message, and possibly a touch autobiographical, is still a damn funky track.

I have two covers of the "The Bottle". One that turned up on a funk compilation(All Platinum Funk), by Brother to Brother. And a house version of the song by Maysa(Italian Style).

Gil Scott Heron(Original)-
Brother to Brother -
Maysa -

Friday, May 25, 2007

Massive thanks to ez.duzit for inviting me onto his blog and letting you all know about what's going on at 8 Track.

Recently picked up a copy of the "Grand Slam" CD from Richard Dorfmeister vs MDLA. It's been around since about mid 2006 so haven't been quite slow in getting on this on. It's a mix of original productions and their remix work. It has a couple of standout tracks, and a bit of filler. I reckon this is one of the standouts.
As ez.duzit mentioned, we've got Sam Deluxe dropping in for a 3 hour set at 8 Track tonight. If you feel like getting your house fix, come check us out.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gearin'up with Nicola Conte

A little jazzdance to get you in the mood for this weekend, with Italian jazz legend Nicola Conte. The first track "Kind of Sunshine", is off his 2004 album, Other Directions. While the second is a a reworking of Native's "Prussian Blue." Enjoy.

Nicola Conte - Kind of Sunshine

Native - Prussian Blue(Nicola Conte Jazz Dance Rework)

All Turn/8 Track this week:
Sam Deluxe Joins the AllTurn crew @ 8-Track this Friday 25th May for a 3 hour set.Fresh from supporting top international DJ's Jason Hodges and Miles Maeda for the HoolaHoop crew,and about to rock the We Love Sounds Melbourne party, we are wrapped that Sam is coming down to play an extended set.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The city of Melbourne is home to some of the world's best community radio. RRR and PBS are the two main stations here in this fine city, and are run primarily by volunteers on funds donated by both the listeners(membership based) and select sponsors. Musically, it is home to shows of all genres and styles, including many that fit this blog descriptive.

Stylin', which airs on Fridays from 12-2pm, and is hosted by Ennio Styles, is a one show that i am devout listener to. It has tipped me into many new artists and sounds over the years, and is described as "rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other-worldly fusions ", but you can also hear some hip-hop, house and DnB sounds amongst those as well.

I can still recall the first track i heard on the show, whilst flicking through the FM dial. It was Nuspirit Helsinki's "Skydive", and i remember listening to this track thinking i had never heard these kind of jazz fusion sounds on any of the radio stations i was listening to at the time, and from there i was hooked.

RRR streams, but if you are unable to catch stylin' live, all the shows are archived at Straightup.
Nuspirit Helsinki - Skydive

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Album Love - Walking Wounded

From time to time, i will post some of my all-time favourite albums, with a couple of tracks for your listening pleasure.

"Walking Wounded"(1996), Everything But The Girl's seventh album, was a departure from their contemporary pop sound that they had been delivering in the lead up to this album. This was caused largely due to both Ben Watt's growing love for electronic music, a collaboration done with Massive Attack(Tracey Thorn lending vocals to "Protection" on Blue Lines), and the remixing effort of Todd Terry on their worldwide dance smash "Missing", from their sixth album Amplified Heart.

I bought this album after Walking Wounded was featured on JJJ radio station, and it was around the time that i was just starting to get interested in electronic music myself. I found Tracey Thorn's emotive voice, completely mesmerizing and listened to this album endlessly. A great mix of jungle/brokenbeat sounds to smooth hip-hop beats, this album is must have for any collection.

Bonus Track
Before Today(Chicane Remix) from Like The Deserts Miss The Rain-

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some New Tracks.

I am too tired to do anything but post a few new tracks tonight. Here they are.


Hakan Libdo - My Love Only(Mist Remix) -

Matt Flores - Blackboard Universe -

Outlines - Waiting In Line [Crazy Baldhead Rmx] -

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Loungin'with Darondo

Just a short post to tap you into a soul dude named Darondo. A couple of tracks off his "Let My People Go" CD, which is filled with a bunch of his rare stuff from the early 70's, before he stopped recording and essentially disappeared. Click on the link to read more about him, and buy his album, which is also available on Emusic.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cover Me(She's Gone)

This will be another one of my regular posts, where i will feature a cover of a classic track. You can be the judge on which you prefer.

Now, i am no expert on the complete works of Daryl Hall & John Oates. I do however, like most, own a copy of their greatest hits. She's Gone, is undoubtedly my favourite track of theirs, and it was covered by Shaun Escoffery on his album Move into Soul. There are a few good covers on this album, including Marvin Gaye's Heard it through the Grapevine.

Hall & Oates - She's Gone

Shaun Escoffery - She's Gone

Friday, May 18, 2007

Back to Love

I thought i would post an old mix i did with my virtualdj program and hercules console. I have since purchased some CDJ's and mixer, but need a different mixer to record on my laptop. So i might post a few of my older ones until i get that up and running. I am not a DJ(bar a couple of gigs), but i just like to do a bit of mixing for fun. I will try to get a few guest mixes from some friends to post here as well. Anyway, here's the track listing

Back to Love(58mins, 81mb)

1. Much More - De La Soul 2. Genevieve - Greyboy 3. Floetic - Floetry4.Connection-Syrup 5. Just- Mark Ronson 6.Sho & Prove - Breakestra7.Me, Myself and I - De La Soul 8.Flashback(Breathe Easy Mix)-Fat Freddy's Drop 9.Waiting is Over - Faze Action 10. It's Love(remix) - Jill Scott 11.Sweatshop(bassline members mix)-Syrup 12.Da Bump - Mr.V & Miss Pattie 13.Back to Love(Graeme Park Remix)- Brand New Heavies

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gearin' up with Ron Carroll

Here's a couple of tracks with house legend Ron Caroll on the vocal, to get you geared up for the weekend.

MP3's: Ron Carroll Just Got Paid (Born To Funk's Big Room Mix)
Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll - My Life (Knee Deep Simply Saw Dub)

Also , if you are out and about this weekend make sure you check out All-Turn at 8Track on Friday night from 8pm, and B.K.S. at Felix Bar on Saturday night from 10pm, both in St.Kilda.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Those of you who have not heard of Joe Dukie by now, probably should. Lead singer of the seven piece New Zealand funk/reggae/dub band Fat Freddy's Drop, this amazing vocalist has lent his vocals to a few different projects in recent times, including Recloose and the Dutch Rhythm Combo. Here's a sample;

Venom feat. Joe Dukie (Dr. Rubberfunk Club Mix) - Dutch Rhythm Combo

Dust - Recloose feat. Joe Dukie

Flashback (Jazzanova's Breathe Easy Mix)- Fat Freddy's Drop

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do You Hear That?

This is going to be one of my regular posts. I would have to say that linking samples of tracks to other tracks, is not my strongest point. However, some of the more obvious ones that i happen across, i will post under this title.

One of the few old school hip-hop cd's that i didn't sell off( the things you do for persian rugs) when i was going through a stage of listening to some other stuff, and thinking that i was not going to be into hip-hop any more, was Special Ed's Legal(1990). One of my favourite tracks on the album was "The Mission". So when, i heard a sample of that track on west coast underground crew Giant Panda's album Fly School Reunion(2005), i was suitably impressed.

Special Ed - The Mission

Giant Panda - Diggin'in the Tapes

Bonus Special Ed track - Ready 2 attack

Monday, May 14, 2007

Philly Classic

I have had this song floating around in my head for a while now, and thought that it was possibly on a compilation CD of mine, but i couldn't find it anywhere. This '89 club mix of the classic "It Looks Like Love", i found on an obscure label Philly Classics/CDBaby label on Emusic. It is the only release on that label. Vincent Montana Jnr., of The Salsoul Orchestra fame, teams up with daughter Denise(Goody Goody), for this killer house track which has definately stood the test of time.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Coming From Where I'm From(The Bamboos)

Well, i still don't quite know what i am doing techniclly with this blog. But this is officially my first post. I thought i would give you something from my hometown of Melbourne. The Bamboos are a fantastic heavy funk outfit,who have been receiving criticl acclaim around the world for both their LP's and live performances. This is the title track is off their first album "Step it up", where they collaborated with Alice Russell. They have just released their new album "Rawville"on the Tru Thoughts label.


Check out more on the bamboos here

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coming Soon....

Once i get my head around the whole setting up of the layout of this blog, it will be up and running.