Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The city of Melbourne is home to some of the world's best community radio. RRR and PBS are the two main stations here in this fine city, and are run primarily by volunteers on funds donated by both the listeners(membership based) and select sponsors. Musically, it is home to shows of all genres and styles, including many that fit this blog descriptive.

Stylin', which airs on Fridays from 12-2pm, and is hosted by Ennio Styles, is a one show that i am devout listener to. It has tipped me into many new artists and sounds over the years, and is described as "rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other-worldly fusions ", but you can also hear some hip-hop, house and DnB sounds amongst those as well.

I can still recall the first track i heard on the show, whilst flicking through the FM dial. It was Nuspirit Helsinki's "Skydive", and i remember listening to this track thinking i had never heard these kind of jazz fusion sounds on any of the radio stations i was listening to at the time, and from there i was hooked.

RRR streams, but if you are unable to catch stylin' live, all the shows are archived at Straightup.
Nuspirit Helsinki - Skydive

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