Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Album Love - Walking Wounded

From time to time, i will post some of my all-time favourite albums, with a couple of tracks for your listening pleasure.

"Walking Wounded"(1996), Everything But The Girl's seventh album, was a departure from their contemporary pop sound that they had been delivering in the lead up to this album. This was caused largely due to both Ben Watt's growing love for electronic music, a collaboration done with Massive Attack(Tracey Thorn lending vocals to "Protection" on Blue Lines), and the remixing effort of Todd Terry on their worldwide dance smash "Missing", from their sixth album Amplified Heart.

I bought this album after Walking Wounded was featured on JJJ radio station, and it was around the time that i was just starting to get interested in electronic music myself. I found Tracey Thorn's emotive voice, completely mesmerizing and listened to this album endlessly. A great mix of jungle/brokenbeat sounds to smooth hip-hop beats, this album is must have for any collection.

Bonus Track
Before Today(Chicane Remix) from Like The Deserts Miss The Rain-http://download.yousendit.com/EF192752737240CE

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