Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Singer And Their Piano

There is something i have always found mesmerising about the piano. Out of all the instruments, it is the one that probably speaks to me the most, and that my ear tunes into above all other sounds when it is played on a track. So, here are three of my favourite songs, just a singer and their piano.

Little Girl Blue - Nina Simone
I couldn't do the post without having a track from the great one herself. A beautiful , sorrowful tune which in small parts showcases Nina's classical training, as well as her always amazing voice.
Lifted - John Legend
I could have easily had "Ordinary People", but as that was flogged on commercial radio here, i have taken this amazing version of "Lifted", taken off his Solo Sessions(Live At The Knitting Factory) CD.
Never Felt This Way - Brain McKnight
I know what your thinking, Brian McKnight? But i actually loved and still do his debut, self titled album from 1992. The man can sing, and the slow build of this track with the playing and vocal delivery, still sends shivers down spine.

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