Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nuyorican Soul

A favourite album of mine from the late nineties was Nuyorican Soul's(1997) self titled album. Essentially an effort of the Masters At Work production team of Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales and Little Louie Vega, this album boasts an impressive list of collaborators with the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Roy Ayres and George Benson making appearances.
It is very hard to pick out a couple of tracks, due to this being such a well put together album in the sense that each track flows into the next and is best listened to in its entirety, a rare thing these days. However, i have gone with the bookends(excluding intro), with the last George Benson featuring track, being an all-time personal fave of mine. It has quite a long solo guitar intro, then slams into a storming jazz dance tune, with Benson scatting over the top of his amazing chord work. This album is a must have for any collection.
I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun(feat. Jocelyn Brown)

You Can Do It(Baby) feat. George Benson


DJ BWYSE said...

When I started collecting Vinyl thsi was my first record I bought. Even before I had my own turntables. Great album!!

Christoff said...

truly a fine album for sure. I can't believe i'd forgotten about this one. Time to go digging in the collection.

old music = new music

e.z.duzit said...

It's a shame there are not too many complete albums like this made these days. Thanks for stopping by guys.