Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gearin'up With Capitol A

This week Gearin'up features west coast cat Capitol A (aka Antoine Green). His name may or may not be familiar to you, but quite possibly you may have heard him lend his MC skills to some of the biggest artists and producers, particularly in the nu-jazz/hip-hop scene. He has collaborated with the likes of Jazzanova, Jazzy Jeff and King Britt to name a few.

I first heard Capitol A on Afro Mystics Lp "Morphology", and was at first unsure about whether i really liked his flow or not, but over time have really come to enjoy the work he does with all these cutting edge artists. I tend to like his rhyming over the house/brokenbeat tracks than i do just pure hip-hop ones, but his volume of work seen here, is a testament to his versatility and demand for his talent. As it my Gearin'up post, here is a few of my favoured uptempo Capitol A tracks.
Broken Slang(Brooks Broken Fangs Mix) - Clyde Feat. Capitol A
(track removed at request of artist) Go to Mantis Recordings for more info on this artist.

Givin' It Up - Icasol Feat. Capitol A

Komputa Groove - Slope Feat Capitol A

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