Sunday, June 3, 2007

Coming From Where I'm From(Cut Copy)

Cut Copy is the brainchild of Melbournian Dan Whitford. Now a touring four piece band that plays a sound not easily pigeonholed, but falls somewhere in the realm of futuristic pop/disco/house/70's glam and so on.

Since their release of the Ep I Thought of Numbers(2001), they have become worldwide smash, especially since their first full length album dropped Bright Like Neon Love(2004). They are now in demand as producers, remixers and as a live act, and recently did Fabriclive 29(2006), as well as releasing a second Lp this year Hearts On Fire.

I am going to feature a couple of tracks from their 2001 Ep I Thought of Numbers, largely because it was an Ep i discovered in the CD single section of a large commercial music store, new nothing about Cut Copy, but liked the look of the cover and thought it was worth a purchase due to the fact it was an Ep and not a single. I quickly grew to love the futuristic synth pop tunes, filled with different layers of sounds and samples. Enjoy.

Bonus Track

Hearts On Fire(Joakim Remix) -

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